Kuhn Collection is based in an historical private Loft in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg. The apartement was fully refurbished with a strong focus on being able to exhibit all kinds of art mediums and to often change the setting. The collection is dominated by innovative contemporary art with an emphasis on concept, installation and new media. When collecting new artworks, not the name nor the CV of an artist is important, it is the expression of the works concept and not seldomly the artists own character that often influences the perception of her/his creations. The collection mainly generates art works through fairs, gallery exhibitions and the contact to alot of artists. This is how we discover fascinating art that we just need to have as a kind of permanently influencing room mate.

Responsible for the curation, documentation, preservation, administration and new acquisitions of the collection is Alexandra Rockelmann. Born as a German-American in Chicago, the gallerist and curator has been active in the art industry since 2001 and is arguably the collection’s most valuable exhibit.

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The collection can be visited by appointment only: info@kuhn-collection.com